Mizzou’s Chess Team being awarded the runner-up team trophy

Mizzou’s Chess Team being awarded the runner-up team trophy. From left: an unnamed official of the tournament, Christopher Repka (freshman), Cristian Chirila (coach), Wang Na, Dmitry Gordievsky (freshman), Grigory Oparin (graduate student), and another official of the tournament.

Mizzou’s Chess Team won gold and silver at the 2019 World Prestigious University Chess invitational in Tianjin, China. The tournament was organized by the Nankai University in honor of the institution’s 100th anniversary.

A photo of J'den Cox standing in front of a US flag prior to the 2016 Olympics

The College of Arts and Science’s December 2019 commencement speaker is none other than wrestling world champion and Columbia native J’den Cox. Since graduating in 2017, he has excelled in the wrestling world as a two-time world champion and Olympic bronze medalist. Next, Cox has his sights on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Jiaxun Chen Arianne Messerman and Michelle Williams

Jiaxun Chen, Arianne Messerman, and Michelle Williams are three of the Arts and Science students who graduated with their doctorates on Friday, Dec. 13, 2019.

Ninty-two graduate students from the College of Arts and Science celebrated earning advanced degrees during the Graduate School Commencement ceremony on Friday, Dec. 13, 2019. Of those,

M-I-Z-Z-O-U mortarboard with gold glitter and flowers

These three phenomenal students were chosen to represent the College of Arts and Science during the December 2019 commencement ceremony. They were chosen because of their academic achievements and engagement in valuable A&S experiences such as research, study abroad, internships, and service learning. They will lead the processionals and assist in the ceremony itself.

Associate Professor Lynn Itagaki

Lynn Itagaki, associate professor of English and women's and gender studies, is featured in this Rewire article about civility.

Representatives of the Mizzou Model UN team

Representatives of the MU Model UN Team: Front: Katie Finnerty and Ale Vargas; back: Cara Wagner, Lane Cargile, Jake Thompson, Miki Hodel, Ethan Anderson, and Jake Hager. Not shown: Nate Heath and Kylie Hinz.

The University of Missouri’s Model UN team earned the "Overall Best Delegation" award for the first time in the program’s history during the annual American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference. The winning 10-member student team traveled to Chicago to represent Sweden this year. They pair off into teams of two, each with a council and agenda they represent. The entire 10-member team earned the overall award.

MU Chess Team members

Dmitry Gordievsky, left, is a freshman pre-engineering major from Moscow. He was the No. 29-ranked Russian player as of February 2018.

Not all competitions take place on the field with things such as footballs, bright lights and tackles. On the chessboard, two opponents battle it out with kings, queens, knights and pawns.

Rich Kinder on a dais with Nancy Kinder Riley Messer Alexander N. Cartwright and Justin Dyer

MU senior and Buckner, Missouri, native Riley Messer, second from left, shared her story about how the Kinder Institute enhanced her undergraduate experience with Nancy and Rich Kinder and Chancellor Alexander Cartwright during the press conference announcing the $10 million gift from the Kinder Foundation.

The University of Missouri has received a $10 million gift from the Kinder Foundation to support new degree opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students at the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy and the College of Arts and Science. The gift will support two new degrees at MU: a bachelor of arts in constitutional democracy and a master of arts in Atlantic history and politics.

Jo Stealey

Two years ago, the College of Arts and Science at Mizzou had a big announcement to make: the creation of the School of Visual Studies. This comprehensive and innovative approach to arts education brought together the departments of art, art history, digital storytelling, and film studies.

Professor Mitchell McKinney

Professor Mitchell McKinney

As the presidential race heats up, the primary debates introduce the candidates to the public. 

Five new Curators' Professors in A&S

Congratulations to our new Curators' Professors: Curators’ Teaching Professor of Political Science William Horner, Curators’ Professor of Mathematics Aleksandr Koldobskiy, Curators’ Professor of Biological Sciences Chris Pires, Curators’ Professor of Psychological Sciences Wendy Slutske, Curators’ Professor of Chemistry Arthur Suits.

Photo of William HornerWilliam T. Horner, Political Science

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Heather Hennkens

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Heather Hennkens says the goal is to create a more efficient, fully functional pipeline for radiopharmaceutical development from campus laboratories all the way to the human bedside.

In the near future, a prostate cancer patient in Missouri may be injected with a radioisotope that can help imaging scanners accurately determine the precise location of a tumor. That diagnostic imagery could also help determine the targeting ability and exact therapeutic dose necessary to destroy the cancer cells without harming other tissues or organs in the body.

geology field trip to Spain

Students in Prof. Miriam Barquero- Molina's study abroad trip to Spain in the summer of 2019 took field notes and gave presentations at various stops along their three-week journey.

How would you like to spend part of your summer hiking through the Pyrenees and Cantabrian mountains in northern Spain with a group of friends during the day, and then retire with those friends to a beautiful hostel to swap stories while waiting for a late evening meal? Now imagine that most of your out-of-pocket costs are covered by scholarships and you receive college credit for taking this trip to one of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. Sound too good to be true?

Cartwright, Okker, Budds, Bondenson, Gaines

Chancellor Alexander N. Cartwright (left) announced that professor Michael Budds (center) gifted the MU School of Music $4 million to establish the Budds Center for American Music Studies. Joining them to make the announcement were Dean Patricia Okker (second left), retired professor William Bondenson (second right) and Julia Gaines, director of the School of Music (right).

COLUMBIA, Mo. – For nearly four decades, more than 10,000 University of Missouri students have learned about all styles of American music, including jazz, pop and rock, while taking notes during one of Michael Budds’ lectures.

The tiger mural at the south entrance to Jesse Hall.

Professional artists Chris Carlson and Nate Baranowski created this large-scale tiger mural near the south entrance to Jesse Hall to launch the MU Artist in Residence program. Photo by Michael Cali, Visual Production Services at the Academic Support Center.

The first of several large-scale murals has appeared on the Mizzou campus—a large-scale tiger in front of Jesse Hall—marking the official launch of Mizzou’s new Artist in Residence (AIR) program. Chancellor Alexander Cartwright proposed the program last year to bring established and emerging artists to MU to celebrate the arts and to cultivate creativity across disciplines.

INMI building

Professor of Radiology Jeff Smith and Chemistry Professor Silvia Jurisson chat outside the International Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine (INMI), across the street from the MU Research Reactor (MURR). The INMI facility will provide critical infrastructure and collaborative expertise to researchers at all four University of Missouri campuses.

At the beginning of the school year, University of Missouri System President Mun Choi announced a series of investments in research and creative works that will help the system’s four universities achieve excellence through innovation. Many of those innovations will germinate and take root at the Institute of Nano and Molecular Innovations (INMI) building across the street from the MU Research Reactor (MURR) on the Mizzou campus.

John Kerns, professor of psychology

John Kerns is a professor of psychology in the MU College of Arts and Science.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Help may be on the way for people who might lose contact with reality through a psychotic disorder, such as schizophrenia.

Associate Professor of Geography Mike Urban

In September, Associate Professor of Geography Mike Urban will take his expertise to the U.S. Department of State, where he will serve as a foreign affairs officer for the Bureau of International Organization Affairs for the next year.

As the Earth’s climate continues to change, humanity is learning to grapple with the impacts of a warming planet—forcing us to reassess how and where we live, how we get from place to place, and how we feed an ever-growing population.

Sashi Satpathy, Cathy Boain, Ron Boain, Alexander Cartwright

Department of Physics and Astronomy chair Sashi Satpathy looks on as Chancellor Alexander Cartwright thanks Ron and Cathy Boain for their generous gift to the department.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – When Ronald J. Boain, a 1965 graduate of the University of Missouri, made his first donation to his alma mater, the gift was small — just $5 — but it was the first of what was to become 50 years of financial support. Today, MU officials announced that Boain recently gifted a total of $1.28 million to the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the College of Arts and Science to support student success.

Callie Vitro

Callie Vitro, one of seven students selected for this year's MU Alcohol Research Training Summer School, conducts research in Prof. Denis McCarthy's Alcohol Cognitions Lab in the Department of Psychological Sciences. 

Opioid abuse and overdoses have reached epidemic proportions for much of the country over the past several years.



Senior Art Exhibit

“Heart and Brain of Power” by Tiijonnae Blackwell (Image courtesy of George Caleb Bingham Gallery)

Mon, May 11, 2020

The Becketts with MU Health Care physician Christopher Sampson, MD, stand next to their respiration protection chambers.

The Becketts with MU Health Care physician Christopher Sampson, MD, stand next to their respiration protection chambers.

Thu, May 7, 2020

Psychology Professor Discusses the Dangers of Increased Drinking During the Pandemic

A&S Psychology Professor Discusses Dangers of Drinking During the Pandemic on ABC-17 News

Mon, Apr 27, 2020

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