Hands-On Learning

What is hands-on learning?

Experiential or hands-on learning is learning by doing — and it's an integral part of any A&S degree. It’s a way to bring knowledge and skills out of the classroom and into the larger world. Opportunities include research, internships, service learning, and studying abroad. 

As part of the college's mission, it is imperative that these experiences are accessible to all A&S students. We offer need-based scholarship support for global experiences and summer internships and support for mentored undergraduate research. 

A&S Students on Study Abroad Trip Summer 2021

Global Experiences  

Through A&S faculty-led programs, the MU Study Abroad Office , as well as MU schools & colleges outside A&S, you can see the world. While some programs are full semesters, many shorter options are offered during intersession, spring break and summer.

Take courses toward your degree, do professional internships, conduct undergraduate research, and participate in service learning. No matter your goals — whether to increase foreign-language proficiency, study marine biology or learn about the global textile supply chain — there’s a program for every academic and career interest. We also have Global Experiences Scholarships available to those who qualify.

Career Development

Career Development

A&S internship opportunities span a range of fields and interests. Many internships offer credit toward your major, some are discipline-specific, while others provide space to explore career paths — and all will help you develop general career readiness skills valued by employers across professions.  

Work with your departments, the A&S internship coordinator, and MU Career Center to find internships.

The A&S Career Coach is focused on helping upperclassmen develop post-graduation plans based on their values, interests, personality and skills. Whether you’re sure of what you want to do after you leave Mizzou or are just beginning to think about what lies ahead, the A&S Career Coach can help you on your journey. 

undergraduate research

Research and Creative Activities   

Undergraduate research and creative activities are parts of a robust undergraduate experience — whether as part of a team or one-on-one with a faculty mentor. 

Get started by talking with a faculty member in your department or making an appointment with the Office for Undergraduate Research

Early exploration is supported through the Summer Research Exposure Program, an A&S program that introduces first-and second-year students to research through paid assistantships alongside faculty mentors. 

Beyond A&S, you can find campus-level programs such as Discovery Scholars, Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities Scholars; McNair Scholars, and more. 

Whether you're considering graduate school or building your career trajectory, research and creative activities prepare you to identify complex problems; gather data and evidence; analyze and synthesize, and then present findings to an audience — while honing your critical thinking and communication skills, too!