Moving MizzouForward

In November 2021, Mizzou announced a transformational effort to strengthen innovation in research disciplines. Known as MizzouForward, the initiative is bringing new faculty to campus, including the College of Arts & Science, to advance research and improve lives around the world.

Research Spotlight

Medeia Csoba DeHass

(Left photo) Csoba DeHass is holding the foreshaft of a toggling harpoon, used for sea mammal hunting, from the Iñupiaq community of Wales, Alaska. Sea mammals are central to life for coastal Arctic Indigenous communities and continue to provide a significant part of subsistence resources. The harpoon piece is in the collection of the MU Museum of Anthropology.  

(Right photo) Alaska Native communities highly value animals, nonhuman kin, who give their lives to sustain humans. For this reason, all parts of the animals are used, and nothing is wasted. Antlers, for example, were expertly carved into armor plates that protected the wearer’s upper body. The armor set is from the Kukulik archaeological site on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, and it is in the Corrington collection of the MU Museum of Anthropology.   

Medeia Csoba DeHass photo