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Welcome to the Dean's List Page!

The links for current and past Dean's Lists are below.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Am I eligible for the the Arts & Science Dean's List? 

To be eligible for recognition on the A&S Dean's List, you must earn a 3.5+ semester GPA over 12 or more graded (A-F) credit hours and have a 3.0+ cumulative GPA.

I'm looking for the latest dean’s list. When will it be published? 

We typically receive the list of A&S students who qualify for dean’s honors about three weeks after final grades have posted for the fall and spring semesters. (There is no summer semester dean’s list.) Given the volume of students on the list (2500-3000), it takes 3-5 business days to verify the names and prepare the list for publication. When it is available, it is posted under PDF documents (to the right). PDF versions of the list from the past three years can be found below.

I think I'm eligible. Why can't I find my name on the list? 

Here are the most common issues:

  • We do not publish the names of students with privacy shades on their myZou accounts.
  • Courses taken S/U are not included in the 12 graded hours required for dean’s honors.
  • Students with courses in progress at the time the list is generated by the University Registrar may subsequently qualify for the Dean’s List upon completion of those courses. However, given the volume of names and variable completion dates, we are unable to republish the list. You may email the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Monnier ( for confirmation of your Dean’s List status at that time. Make sure to send your request from your official MU email account; we cannot release student information to non-official email addresses.

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