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Why Mizzou A&S?

Learn how to think, not what to think

Constantly question

The College of Arts & Science provides an education rooted in asking why. We embrace curiosity and encourage students to constantly question what’s known. As an A&S student, you'll learn how to think, not what to think. 

The College of Arts & Science offers the widest range of methods and opportunities to explore your passions.

Choose your own adventure or blaze your own trail. Thanks to our reputation for excellence and meeting the highest academic standards, no matter where you go, an A&S degree will prepare you to make the most of your next step. 

We'll provide the tools and environments to inspire creativity and make big ideas a reality. With unique hands-on learning experiences and specialized student support services, you'll go beyond a strong foundation and be ready to pursue your greatest aspirations.  

Where will your path take you?

Explore Your Future

The College of Arts & Science will allow you to to cross boundaries, explore your curiosities and discover new passions. Where will your path lead? The choice is yours!

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Persistently providing opportunities

Scholarships and Support

The College of Arts & Science offers general annual scholarships as well as support for high-impact learning experiences — including study abroad, internships, undergraduate research and more.

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