Broadening Literary Horizons: "Unbound: Reading Without Limits"
Honors College
A photo of Unbound: Reading without Limits program

A photo of Unbound: Reading without Limits program

Bill Kerwin and Gabriel Fried, associate professors of English in the College of Arts and Science, are among four faculty working across colleges to teach Unbound: Reading Without Limits.

Developed in a unique partnership between the Honors College and Unbound Book Festival, the course allows Honors students to explore a variety of writing styles.  

The students are by and large not English majors, said Kerwin. They are students who don't get a chance to read literature often in their current majors so they are thrilled to be able to do so.

As part of the class, students meet Emily St. John Mandel to discuss her books and career. St. John Mandel is the author of six novels, including Station Eleven, and this years Unbound Book Festival keynote speaker.  

The 2024 Unbound Book Festival will run April 18-21 in Columbia and is free to attend.