Commencement May 2015Arts and Science Graduation and Commencement

Arts and Science does not require graduates to complete a graduation application.  We do ask that graduates complete the MU Outcomes Survey when it is emailed to all graduates approximately one month before graduation.

NO tickets are required for the A&S ceremony.

Participation in the commencement ceremony does not mean that you have completed all degree requirements to graduate from the College of Arts and Science.

BEFORE the day of the ceremony

  • Complete any minor forms with the department adviser and file the minor with the appropriate division prior to graduation. Minors must be awarded at the same time as your degree.  Minor forms submitted after the final graduation list is submitted to the Office of the Registrar will not be accepted. 
  • Complete any outstanding course repeat forms at the registrar's office, 125 Jesse Hall.
  • Verify that your name is correct on myZou. Go to Self Service-->Names. If your name is not as you want it on your diploma, you must take an official picture ID with correct spelling to the registrar’s office, 125 Jesse Hall, by the end of graduation term.
  • Caps and gowns can be purchased from the University Bookstore at any time. Arts and Science's tassels are white. The bookstore also has information concerning announcements.
  • If you have a privacy hold on your record (no information about you to be released to anyone), you must remove it before your name can be printed in the commencement program. The registrar's office will contact students with the hold to explain in more detail during their final semester.
  • If you, THE GRADUATE, need special accommodations for the ceremony, e.g., wheelchair accessibility, please contact Melissa Pemberton at 573-882-3004. An interpreter for the hearing impaired and handicap ramp are provided.
  • If you have questions regarding handicap accommodations for GUESTS, please contact Athletic Facilities at 573-882-6501.  The entrances to the arenas are handicap accessible.
  • To receive A&S Latin honors, you must have completed at least 54 of your last 60 hours at MU and have a cumulative UM GPA as set out below. A&S does not round GPAs.
    3.7 – 3.799 Cum Laude
    3.8 – 3.899 Magna Cum Laude
    3.9 – 4.0 Summa Cum Laude

    • Regulations of the college regarding the awarding of Latin honors require that 54 of the final 60 credits must be completed at MU for a letter grade (A–F). Thus, up to six of the final 60 credits may be taken as S/U. However, courses taken S/U during Spring 2020 will not count toward this six-credit limit but are otherwise included toward the final 60 hours.
  • Departmental honors requirements are determined by each department. Check with your adviser concerning questions.
  • The honors ceremony is coordinated through the registrar's office. All honors ceremony information is sent to your MU e-mail account.

Commencement May 2015 podiumON the day of the ceremony

  • No tickets are required for guests.
  • Guests should proceed to and be seated in the main seating area. Doors open approximately 1 ½ hours before the ceremony.
  • Graduates should be wearing caps and gowns. Leave all personal items (coats, purses, etc.) with family or friends. The check-in location is not secure.
  • The May ceremony will be 2 – 2 ½ hours long. The December ceremony will be 1 – 1 ½ hours long.

AFTER the day of the ceremony

  • All tuition and fees must be paid before transcripts or a diploma will be released.
  • Grades are posted the week after the semester ends. We will verify that all degree requirements are complete at that time. You should receive a letter at your permanent address verifying your degree status.
  • May degrees should be posted on transcripts by the third week of June, August degrees by the end of August, and December degrees by the third week of January.
  • To order a transcript, please contact the Registrar’s Transcript Office. Please indicate that you want your transcript sent after the degree is posted.
  • Graduates are allowed to keep their University email and Box accounts indefinitely.
  • Diplomas will be mailed to your permanent mailing address approximately one month after the college has verified satisfactory completion of all degree requirements. Use myZou to check and update your address.
    • If you have an international address, you must contact the office of the university registrar – diploma unit by email, for instructions.

Please contact Melissa Pemberton (573-882-3004) or Eric Carter (573-882-2523) if you have questions concerning graduation.