What Makes A&S Great

Celebrate Arts & Science

Each year we set aside one week in the spring to celebrate everything that makes the College of Arts and Science great. 

  • We do the creative work, critical thinking, and research that form the core of the university.
  • We study the earliest forms of life on Earth
  • We explore the beauty and troubled nature of humanity. We try to understand what it means to be human, how we think, and how we organize ourselves
  • We study the building blocks and mechanics of the universe.

There is not a question that can be answered without the knowledge and creativity that we develop and nurture everyday.


2023 A&S Week Awards

Proven Excellence

During A&S Week, we award and recognize individuals whose accomplishments exemplify the college's proven excellence.

2023 A&S Week Award Winners

A&S Plaid Challenge

The winner is...

Congratulations to the winners the A&S Plaid Challenge: 

  • Jessica Ogboh
  • Grace Blanton
Behind the plaid
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