Save the Dates for A&S Week 2023!

Alumni Award Winner Pattiann Rogers and Interim Dean Cooper Drury

Each year we set aside one week in the spring to celebrate everything that makes the College of Arts and Science great. 

  • We do the creative work, critical thinking, and research that form the core of the university.
  • We study the earliest forms of life on Earth
  • We explore the beauty and troubled nature of humanity. We try to understand what it means to be human, how we think, and how we organize ourselves
  • We study the building blocks and mechanics of the universe.

There is not a question that can be answered without the knowledge and creativity that we develop and nurture everyday.

And we bring this vast spectrum of knowledge and creativity to our students to help them design their own futures, build an inclusive environment for excellence, and serve Missouri and beyond.

Photo of the 2022 A&S and Engineering 5/10k

Celebratory Activities!

We host a wide variety of events during A&S Week geared to every audience. There are events for students, faculty and staff, alumni, the campus community, and our community.

Some yearly traditions include:

  • Student Council Royalty Selection Announcement
  • Faculty and Staff Awards
  • A&S Alumni Awards Reception
  • The A&S and Engineering 5k/10k Run