It is common for students in the College of Arts and Science to graduate with an additional major, one or two minors, or a certificate. During your time at Mizzou, we encourage you to explore your interests and delve into the subjects that you are most passionate about. Your adventures may lead you to a career you didn’t even know existed, turning a future job offer into a lifelong vocation.

Declaring a Minor or Certificate 

All A&S degrees require a minimum of 120 degree-applicable credit hours and a structure that is comprised of: 

  • A&S foundation requirement, including MU general education 

  • Courses in the major 

  • Electives 

Your plan of study will follow the requirements in place for your  Catalog Year. If you have more than one major, you will need to meet with your adviser for each major to discuss degree requirements and how to maximize your general education and major courses. A&S also offers a wide range of minors and certificates which can be more flexible and a good way to complement your major.   

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor at least once each semester to evaluate their progress towards degree completion, as well as discuss co-curricular opportunities. You will receive an official review of your graduation plan when you complete 60 credit hours, which also sets your expected graduation term, as well as a final graduation check before your last semester of enrollment. 

Four-year plans are available for students to use as a guide, but keep in mind that your plan may vary. In order to evaluate your progress towards degree requirements and plan for future semesters, the following resources are also available.

Declaring a Minor or Certificate 

To officially declare your minor or certificate, fill out the declaration form. Once you have received confirmation of your minor declaration, you can access your progress towards your minor or certificate by running a degree audit.