Donald L. Packwood

Donald L. Packwood
IC Process Development Engineering Manager (Retired)
Palo Alto, California

Hewlett-Packard Corporation
PhD ’71 Physics

Packwood retired from Hewlett-Packard Corporation in March 1998 as an engineering manager of integrated circuit process development and manufacturing. While at MU, his dissertation project studied the electronic properties of oxygen vacancies in calcium oxide crystals. This work formed the basis for a successful career in semiconductor research and development for a wide range of silicon devices including computer chips, microwave cell phone chips and infrared detectors.

Packwood earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 1963 and 1965, respectively. He received a 2004 A&S Distinguished Alumni Award and also an honorary professional degree in physics from UMR (now MUS&T). Besides being a founding member of the Strategic Development Board, he is a founding member and second president of the Physics Leaders at MU.