photo of Dean Cooper Drury
317 Lowry Hall

Cooper Drury is dedicated to the mission of the College of Arts and Science and its commitment to the critical thinking and ingenuity of students, discovery of evidence-based research, life-enriching creative work, and the community engagement and outreach that fulfills our land grant promise.  

Dean Drury leads with a strategic vision that inspires meaningful progress. The college has committed to its focus areas to champion student success, provide expert instruction, grow and promote the impact of research and creative work, strengthen community engagement and outreach, and enhance the A&S culture.  

Under his leadership as dean, the college has invested in student success by focusing on the curriculum, supports, and spaces that improve success measures. A&S has launched a number of highly desirable degree programs including a BS in Data Science and a BA in Health Humanities that align faculty expertise with student interest and industry demand. Following significant investments, the college now features a robust student advising team to help students map their academic journeys and meet major milestones. Students now thrive in enhanced learning environments including the A&S Student Success Center on the first floor of Lowry Hall.  

Dean Drury is a stalwart advocate for faculty and the expert instruction, research and creative work they deliver. Home to an impressive number of William T. Kemper Fellows, A&S is regularly recognized for the teaching excellence of its faculty. Under his leadership, A&S is a significant partner in high-impact university research centers including the MU Materials Science & Engineering Institute and the forthcoming Center for Energy Innovation. Notably, Dean Drury pledged an investment in humanities research by launching the college’s Center for the Humanities to strengthen the study of the human condition.  

Dean Drury recognizes the promise of Mizzou’s land grant mission and is leading a strengthened approach to community engagement and outreach to ensure that promise is delivered. The Museum of Art and Archaeology and the Museum of Anthropology returned to campus in the renovated lower level of Ellis Library, enhancing our community and improving students’ access to learning and research. Additionally, he supported the launch of the Interdisciplinary Migration Studies Institute because of its work with local migrant communities.  

As Professor in the Truman School of Government and Public Affairs, Dr. Drury’s primary research and teaching interests are on foreign policy including the consequences of economic sanctions. Dr. Drury has published two books including an award-winning textbook and numerous academic articles. He was named editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy Analysis; served as the International Studies Association program chair; and earned the Foreign Policy Analysis Distinguished Scholar Award, the Quincy Wright Distinguished Scholar Award, and the Ladd Hollist Service Award.  

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Master of Arts in international relations from Michigan State University with a PhD in political science from Arizona State University.