Frost explores the cultural landscape of a southern Missouri River
Department of Geography

As an undergraduate student in the department of geography, Sarah Frost participated in the Undergraduate Research Creative Activities Mentorship Program (URCAMP), a scholarship program funded by the College of Arts & Science. Professor Soren Larsen encouraged Frost to apply for URCAMP after being impressed by her writing and research skills. The program provided Frost with a stipend to conduct research on the Eleven Point River in southern Missouri. Larsen mentored Frost throughout the research process and encouraged her to submit her story about the river for publication.

Now, Frost is a graduate student at Mizzou and is looking forward to seeing her story published in the The New Territory, a literary magazine of the Lower Midwest. Her creative non-fiction essay features float trips that Frost took with her father and how they impacted their relationship, along with maps that highlight meaningful stops along the river.

Sarah Frost and Soren Larsen

Learn more about Sarah's undergraduate research journey research project:

Show Me Research Week is a special time to celebrate the research discoveries taking place at Mizzou, including in the College of Arts & Science. A&S provides many opportunities for undergraduates to become involved in research. Nicole Campione-Barr and Christopher Josey, A&S Faculty Fellows, are decimated to seeking research opportunities for our undergraduate students, as well guiding them throughout the process.


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