Siblings serve as College of Arts & Science commencement marshals
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Angela Schlaker

Angela Schlaker, from St. Louis, Missouri, is graduating with a double major in communications and film studies, minors in digital storytelling and French, and a multicultural certificate.

Schlaker chose Mizzou because of the great film studies program in the College of Arts & Science. Furthermore, after taking a tour with her fraternal twin sister Elizabeth both fell in love with the campus and decided to enroll.

While attending Mizzou, Schlaker was involved in Shot Reverse Shot, Mizzou’s student-led film production organization, where she has served as secretary, vice president, and is now president. Schlaker participated in the ASH (arts, social science, or humanities) Scholar’s program and served as an RA.

One of her favorite Arts and Science memories came from a film production class in which she and her classmates produced their own films and, at the end of the semester, watched them all together.

Photo of Angela Schlaker

Elizabeth Schlaker

Elizabeth Schlaker, from St. Louis, Missouri, is graduating with a degree in communications with a focus on media communications; she will also be awarded a minor in film studies, digital storytelling, Spanish, and information technology.

Her mother, a Mizzou alumnus, encouraged Elizabeth and her fraternal twin sister Angela to tour campus. She and her sister fell in love with the campus, and both decided to enroll.

While attending Mizzou, Schlaker has taught swim lessons at Mizzou Rec, worked as a residential advisor (RA), and served on several organizations including the service sorority Little Sisters of the Gold Rose, communication studies honor society Lamda Pi Eta, and the student-led film production organization Shot Reverse Shot.

Schlaker enjoys Mizzou’s time-honored traditions, most notably Homecoming. She enjoyed looking at the house decorations and cheering on the Mizzou Tigers at Faurot Field.

One of her favorite Mizzou memories is from a digital media production class. In this class, she and her fellow students created their own web series for a semester. When she graduates, she will miss the friendships she has formed and the people she has met on campus.

After graduation, Schlaker will return to St. Louis, and she plans to pursue a career in communication and marketing for higher education.

Photo of Elizabeth Schlaker