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School of Visual Studies

Katie O’Russa graduated last year from Mizzou with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. For O’Russa, who hails from Peoria, Illinois, a degree from MU is a family tradition — both her parents and older sister attended Mizzou.  

“I had been familiar with Columbia and the Mizzou community my whole life,” she said. “It was an easy decision to continue the legacy.”

Now, O’Russa resides in Chicago, where she works as a graphic designer for the global marketing company Epsilon, an achievement she credits to the many opportunities she was offered at Mizzou.

“I was given many opportunities outside of the usual that enhanced my career as a student,” O’Russa said. “This led me to the place I am today in my professional career.”

One opportunity that stands out for O’Russa is participating in the 2022 Visual Arts and Design Showcase, an annual art show held by Mizzou that highlights artists across disciplines and departments. 

O’Russa was awarded the grand prize for applied design, a moment that she will never forget.   “I was encouraged by my design professors to submit my project, ‘Don’t Erase Me,’ and I will always remember the moment they announced my name as the winner,” O’Russa said. 

Katie O'Russa