Exceptional A&S students selected as commencement marshals
Emily Fredrick and Elisha Schoor

Emily Fredrick (left) and Elisha Schoor

As "Pomp and Circumstance" opens the College of Arts and Science commencement ceremony, a pair of outstanding students will marshal a procession of university and system leaders onto the stage. Each of these exceptional students excels in their own way — whether it's undergraduate research, campus involvement,  academic achievement — and both have made their mark during their time at Mizzou. 

Emily Fredrick

Emily Fredrick 

Majors: German and International Studies (emphasis in East Asian Studies). Also earning minors in Korean Studies, Russian, and Chemistry. 
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

What was your favorite internship or service learning experience?
I volunteer as a cultural ambassador for the LEAD program within the Asian Affairs Center. This position has become my favorite service learning experience since I have not only had the opportunity to learn from people with vastly different cultures than me, but I have also made lifelong friends. These friends have helped me with things as simple as language acquisition and have also taught me more valuable lessons, like how to approach hardships from different perspectives. I owe much of who I am today to this wonderful experience. 

What has been your favorite A&S experience?
My favorite A&S memory has been the Korean language courses I took with Professor Eun Young Choi! My class was a wonderful group of people, and Professor Choi did an amazing job of creating an educational and engaging environment! I truly learned a lot, and I miss these days!

Who has made a difference during your time at Mizzou?
There are so many to choose from! However, I have to shoutout Professor Sang Hun Chun! He was instrumental in helping me find opportunities to go abroad for the second time via Mizzou. I owe my positive experience in South Korea to his cultural preparation and willingness to answer any questions I had. He is a professor I can go to for anything, and I truly appreciate everything he has done for me. Thank you, Sang Hun! 감사합니다 선생님!

Elisha Schoor

Elisha Schoor 

Majors: Constitutional Democracy and Economics. Also earning minors in History and Political Science
Hometown: Kearney, Missouri

Why did you choose to study constitutional democracy at Mizzou?
I was finishing my associate’s degree at community college... and the sparkling website of the Kinder Institute had the enticing name of their brand new Constitutional Democracy degree that seemed to capture my interest in government and history that a degree in political science or history couldn’t. Then, I chose Economics because of the types of video games that I like to play, along with the obvious insightful societal-level lessons to be gleaned if I can make use of them.

What has been your favorite A&S experience?
I would say that my tutelage under the institutional intellectual might of Dr. Thomas Kane during my time working on the Journal of Constitutional Democracy was one of the most fruitful and academically stimulating times in my collegiate career. Not only would I show up every Friday on the last class of the day and work through whichever wild thought exercise Thomas had cooked up, but I would do it in the presence of other fellow students who were just as curious on both the class exercises as well as their own projects. Maybe one day I’ll get to hold the physical copy of the year of winding paths we all took together.

Who made a difference during your time at Mizzou?
I’ll shout out to the wonderful future doctor Jordan Pellerito. ... She has been a crucial part of the Institute’s runnings. She shares in the joys of students, whether it's academic, Taylor Swift or the criminally delicious vegan cookies at the Colloquia. Among my efforts to speak with professors outside of class more, Jordan’s open door and imported purple couch have been the path to fun and creative banter, even if she doesn’t like milk or sardines. The Kinder Institute works so well because of the incredible people that make up its community, and Professorito stands as one of the greats. Thank you for making my time here special.