Dr. Drury discusses economic sanctions and what sanctions research suggests about their impact on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine
Truman School of Government and Public Affairs

Cooper Drury, PhD, the Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Science and Professor of Political Science recently made a guest appearance on the Scholar's Circle podcast.

Drury, whose research expertise is in the causes, outcomes, and consequences of economic sanctions, first discusses economic sanctions in general. Then their conversation turns to the current sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine and what current research says about its possible impacts.

The podcast discussion also features three other international relations researchers, two of whom are Drury's former students.

Listen to the podcast.

Drury is author of Neo-Kantianism and Coercive Diplomacy: The Complex Case of Economic Sanctions and Media-driven Humanitarianism? News Media Coverage of Human Rights Abuses and the Use of Economic Sanctions, two books, an award-winning textbook, and more than two dozen articles and chapters.