Textile and Apparel Management
Jung Ha-Brookshire

Jung Ha-Brookshire, department chair of Textile and Apparel Management (TAM) in the College of Arts and Science, has been elected to serve as President-Elect of the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA).

ITTA is the premier professional organization representing the textile, apparel, and merchandising disciplines in higher education. Members of this prestigious organization include scholars, educators, and students. Ha-Brookshire, whose leadership role will span three years, will serve as president-elect of ITAA starting in January 2023, then move into the roles as president in 2024 and counselor in 2025.

“It is a huge honor to be elected by my peers to lead the entire discipline over the next few years,” said Ha-Brookshire. “I’m excited to take on the challenge and will do my best to represent my colleagues in the industry, including my team members in TAM, as well as Mizzou and the College of Arts and Science.”

Ha-Brookshire is a professor in the department of Textile and Apparel Management. She currently serves as the assistant divisional director of personal finance planning in the Division of Applied Social Sciences at Mizzou.