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A&S Student Ambassadors

A&S Student Ambassadors are selected to represent the College of Arts & Science at a variety of events, including undergraduate recruitment, alumni events, and other campus activities. Ambassadors develop leadership skills that complement their A&S degree, network with the expansive alumni base, and prepare them for a variety of fields after graduation.

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A&S Student Ambassadors
2022–2023 A&S Student Ambassadors
A&S Student Ambassadors
  • Awarded a stipend for their service each semester
  • Duties are split between service and office hours
    • Service hours can include Meet Mizzou Days, Countdown Mizzou Days, and A&S Week
    • Office hours can include prepping recruitment materials, writing postcards, and creating content for our social media pages
  • Full-funded travel opportunities
    • In-state and out of state
  • Leadership Opportunities
    • Senior Ambassadors
    • Development
    • Internal Operations
    • Social Media Coordinators
    • Recruitment Liaisons

Our A&S Student Ambassadors are here for you!

Whether it's a question about a course, campus life, or the best place to eat in town, our ambassadors are here to help.

Eden Schulte, Senior
Tiffany Garcia, Social Media
Jack Stiens, Recruitment 

Aliza Ahmed,
Josh Brown,
Joi Cottle,
Liz Cahalan,
Jacqueline Glenn,
Sophy Silva,
Des Silvers, 

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