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Hands-On Learning Opportunities

Learning by Doing

Experiential, or “hands-on” learning, is an integral part of any A&S degree. Simply put, experiential learning is learning by doing. It’s a way to bring knowledge and skills gained in the classroom out into the larger world. Some of the opportunities include undergraduate research, internships, service learning, and studying abroad. Whether it’s research at the State Historical Society of Missouri on the edge of the Columbia, Missouri campus, practicing field skills at our geology camp in Wyoming, or a faculty-led archaeological dig in Pompeii, A&S students are doing their disciplines while also increasing their career readiness skills, regardless of major.  

It is imperative that these experiences are accessible to all A&S students. As part of that mission, A&S offers need-based scholarship support for global experiences and summer internships, as well as support for mentored undergraduate research. Visit our Scholarship section for complete details and application instructions.

A&S Students on Study Abroad Trip Summer 2021

Global Experiences  

Studying abroad isn’t just a semester outside of the United States anymore. Through A&S faculty-led programs and additional partner programs through the MU Study Abroad Office (as well as other opportunities through the Trulaske College of Business, CAFNR, and other MU schools and colleges), A&S students can see the world through intersession, spring break, summer, and yes, even semester- and year-long programs. Students can take courses towards their degree, do professional, international internships, conduct international, undergraduate research, and do service learning. Whether the goal to increase Spanish proficiency in Oviedo, complete a financial internship in Milan, study marine biology as an exchange student in Australia, or learn about the global textile supply chain on a faculty-led program to El Salvador, there’s a program for every academic and career interest! 

A&S Dean's Office intern Evanna Momtaj


A&S students can participate in a wide range of internship opportunities across a wide range of professional fields: creative, design, and performing arts; government, policy, law and advocacy; communication, media, and publishing; health, wellness, and medicine; international affairs; economics and applied mathematics; natural sciences and the environment (to name just a few). Students can work with their departments, the A&S Internships Office, and MU Career Center to find internships, many of which can be done for credit toward their major.  

Many of these internships are discipline-specific: the economics major can work at the Federal Bank; a film major works at production company; the psychology major at a youth detention center. Others are less so, allowing students to explore potential career paths while also developing the general career readiness skills  necessary across jobs in the ever-changing market that is the 21st century.  

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities 

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities   

Undergraduate research and creative activity opportunities exist for students across our College, whether they’re majoring in the fine and performing arts (Digital Storytelling, Theater); the humanities (German, English, Religious Studies), in the social or behavioral sciences (Psychology, Anthropology, Geography), or in STEM disciplines (Biology, Statistics, Chemistry). A&S students can and should begin early in their academic career through their major department or with the MU Office for Undergraduate Research. Both work to find opportunities across campus to participate undergraduate research, whether as part of an interdisciplinary team or doing one-on-one mentored research with a faculty member.