Arts and Science is committed to career development for all of our students. Internships are an excellent way to explore career paths and gain new skills; however, they are often unpaid or underpaid. To make this experience more accessible, A&S offers need-based scholarships to support students pursuing low or unpaid summer internships by providing funding towards internship expenses, including lost summer earnings.

A&S Career Development Scholarships are available to undergraduate students pursuing an A&S major and are designed to support credit-bearing summer internships. All students who receive the award must be enrolled in a minimum of one credit hour of internship. 

Award amounts reflect available scholarship funds, internship budget, and financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Typical awards range from $2500 to $5000. 

Am I eligible? 

  • Are you an A&S undergraduate (do you have a declared A&S major)? 
  • Do you have financial need as verified by the Office of Financial Aid?  
  • Are you in good academic standing? 

If the answer to all these questions is “yes,” then you are eligible! 

Application deadline 

  • March 1 

How to apply 

Application materials must be submitted through Scholarship Universe, including: 

  • An essay outlining the benefits of the internship and its relevance to career goals 
  • Current résumé 
  • Proposed budget, including estimated travel, room and board costs, and other expenses specific to your internship. 
  • Description of the internship(s) to which you have applied. You do not need to have received an internship offer at the time of application.  

After the internship 

After your internship, you may be invited to share your experiences with A&S faculty, students, or alumni. 

Questions? Please contact Nicole Monnier, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, at