The College of Arts & Science 

2022 Spring Commencement Ceremony 

6:30 p.m. Saturday, May 14 


 Dr. Joy Powell, Theatre 


National Anthem 

Joel Rodriguez  

Graduating Senior 



Cooper Drury, Dean, College of Arts & Science 

President Mun Choi 

Maurice Gipson, Vice Chancellor of Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity 


Conferral of Degrees 

President Choi 


Alma Mater 

Joel Rodriguez 


MIZ-ZOU Cheer 

Cooper Drury, Dean 

President Choi 


Recessional Procession  

Mizzou Fight Song (recording) 

Student Marshal 

Caleb Sewell 



Joel Rodriguez



Logan King, soprano saxophone 

Andrea Lee, alto saxophone  

Clayton Greenlee, tenor saxophone  

Jackson Huenefeldt, baritone saxophone  


Leadership and Department Representatives

President Mun Choi 

Cooper Drury, Dean of Arts and Science

Maurice Gipson, Vice Chancellor of Inclusion, Diversity, And Equity 

Nicole Monnier, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Lyria Bartlett, Arch Studies 

Dustin Belt, Mathematics 

Christina Carney, Black Studies 

Julie Elman, WGST 

Matt Gordon, Linguistics 

Bill Horner, TSGPA 

Thomas Kane, Constitutional Democracy 

Steven Keller, Chemistry 

Nicolette Leiby, TAM 

Justin Walensky, Chemistry 

Michael Volz, International Studies 




Note: The students listed below are not the only A&S students graduating with Latin (or any other) Honors. These students' honors designations were inadvertently either left off of the campus-wide program or listed incorrectly. We wanted to be sure their honors were recognized here. Visit the Mizzou Commencement Programs Page to view the Mizzou program.

Architectural Studies Honors

Thomas Auckland, cum laude

Anna Freeman, cum laude

Amy Frisella, magna cum laude

Elizabeth Harla, magna cum laude

Caroline Kessinger, cum laude

Sydney Muskopf, magna cum laude

Raqhad Nasraldeen, magna cum laude

Devon Oden, cum laude

MaryRose Ornosky, cum laude

Savannah Parry, magna cum laude

Jack Politte, cum laude

Annie Pottios, magna cum laude

Jessica Scheer, cum laude

Textiles and Apparel Management Honors

Hannah Landewe, cum laude  

Hannah Loy, cum laude

Taylor Miller, magna cum laude

Sofia Rossi, cum laude

Lexie Schrock, magna cum laude

Audrey Skaggs, magna cum laude

Brittney Vandeloo, magna cum laude

Jossie Weller, cum laude

Natalie Zahari, cum laude