Any problems you have can be referred to us at any time. But, there are some common issues that you can easily fix.

Problem: Changes I made are not showing up on the page after I save

This is often a result of caching on the site, which is done to make pages load faster. Sometimes you might have to flush the caches more than once to see the changes. If you still don’t see your changes after flushing caches, contact us.

Problem: When logging in, I see a white or dark blank screen after hitting enter

Refresh your page and you should be logged in.

Problem: The text is not formatting properly

If the text doesn't look right, that means you have inadvertantly copied some formatting code. This usually happens when pasting from Word. If this happens and you are comfortable using code, you can remove the bad formatting by viewing the source code. If not, you can use the Paste From Word icon to paste your text and remove bad formatting.

Problem: I am trying to edit my personal page, but I don't see the fields that are on my page

You might be trying to edit your USER page rather than your personal page. The page you see immediately after logging in is NOT the page you should edit. Surf to your personal page and edit that.

Problem: I cannot edit what is on the homepage

Content for the homepage is dynamically generated, meaning the events and news items you create will automatically show up on that page. You cannot edit the page directly. To edit an existing date or news item, you need to click on the item you wish to edit and edit from there. The changes will automatically appear on the homepage.