To insert a table into the content of your page, place your cursor in the spot you would like your table to be and then click the Table link (Figure 7)

Figure 7, Tables
Figure 7

Clicking the table button will open up the Tables dialogue box (Figure 8). This is where you will set the number of columns, rows and other properties for the table. Generally, you will only change the number of rows and columns. The width of the table will automatically adjust to the content, but you can also set the width. We recommend that you set the width with a percentage (i.e., put 100% in the width field rather than just a number).

Figure 8, Table properties
Figure 8

Adding rows or columns to tables
To add a row or a column to a table, right click in the row or column adjacent to where you’d like to add it. You will get a list of options for your table (Figure 9).

Figure 9, Adding rows and columns
Figure 9