Inserting documents and images into the body of a page

How to tell if you need to insert an image/document into the body of a page
There are times when an uploaded image does not need to be manually inserted into a page. For some images, such as faculty images on people pages, the system will automatically place the uploaded image in the correct position. Sometimes, an image will not show up unless you insert it into the body of the page. You can determine which setting an image has by viewing the upload field.

If an Insert image button appears after you’ve uploaded the image (Figure 14), you will need to insert the image into the body of the page in order for the image to show up on the live page. 

Figure 14, Insert image button

Figure 14

NOTE: Inserting images can be confusing. If you have questions, please contact for further explanation. If needed, we can come out and train you further on how to manage images on your site.