How to view all pages in your website

You can look at every page in your site in order to quickly find a page or see what has been created to make sure you do not duplicate content. To view the list of content, click the Content link on the administration bar (Figure 17).

Figure 17, Content overview

Figure 17

You can filter results (Figure 18) by the type of content or the status (published, unpublished, promoted, not promoted, etc.).

Figure 18, Filter content

Figure 18

You can also view the complete list of all content (Figure 19). By default, the list will be set to the last view you used. If you filtered results the last time you viewed content, you can reset the filter to show everything. Once you have filtered the content, a reset button will appear. To reset the filter, click the reset button next to the filter button.

NOTE: When creating a new page, check the content overview to make sure there is not already a page with the content you need to add. This will help you to avoid duplicating existing content.

Figure 19, Content pages

Figure 19