Creating New Pages

The most important consideration in creating new pages is choosing the right content type. The reason content type is so important is that it affects where the page shows up, what menus appear on the page, what content options you have, and how the layout of the page is generated.

Creating news articles and dates/events
If you’d like to add a news item or event to your site to show up on the homepage, you will need to create a new piece of content of either type Article or type Date. As a guideline, if an item has a date (is some sort of event), use the Date content type. If an item doesn’t have some sort of event attached to it (it is just a story), use the Article content type.

If you’re not sure what type your new content should be, you can ask us by emailing, and we will help you with the decision.

Adding new content
To add new content, hover over the Content link on the admin bar at the top of the page. Then hover over Add content, and from there choose the type of content you would like to add and click on it (See Figure 1).

Adding new content

Figure 1

Changing what shows up on the homepage
Content for the homepage is dynamically generated, meaning the events and news items you create will automatically show up on that page. You cannot edit the page directly. To edit an existing date or news item, you need to click on the item you wish to edit and edit from there. The changes will automatically appear on the homepage.

Drupal 8 interface for adding new content

drupal 8 adding new content