Creating and Editing Links

Creating Links
To create a link in the body of the page, select the text for the link and click the Link button on the editing toolbar (Figure 7).

Figure 7, Editing Links

Figure 7

Creating an Internal Link in the Body of a Page
If you want to link to another page within your site, you will need to change the format for the link. DO NOT put the entire link (starting with https://) into the link. Instead put the last part of the url starting with the ?q=. If your site doesn’t use the ?q= in the url, you will need to add that to the beginning of the link. For example: if the url of your page is, you would put ?q=grad/brass into the link dialogue box. If the url of the page is, you would put ?q=grad/graduate-program (note that you would add ?q= to the url).

Editing existing links
To edit an existing link, place your cursor anywhere on the link (you don’t have to select the entire link text) and click the Link button. When the Link dialogue box appears, change the link url and click OK (Figure 8). The link will then be updated.

Figure 8, Editing Links

Figure 8