Training the Next Generation of Addiction Scientists

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 2:07pm -- yountj
Callie Vitro

Callie Vitro, one of seven students selected for this year's MU Alcohol Research Training Summer School, conducts research in Prof. Denis McCarthy's Alcohol Cognitions Lab in the Department of Psychological Sciences. 

Opioid abuse and overdoses have reached epidemic proportions for much of the country over the past several years. While there are promising signs that the worst phase of the opiate crisis may be ending, with recent reductions in opiate overdose deaths in many states, scientists who study substance abuse and addiction say that the cyclical nature of drug epidemics makes addressing addiction a long term issue that requires vigilance, innovative approaches to treatment, and a workforce prepared to cope with addiction and its effects.

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Symposium Seeks to Start a Conversation About Addiction

Mon, 12/03/2018 - 2:24pm -- yountj
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To ignite a comprehensive conversation about the grand challenge of addiction, the University of Missouri will host The Science of Addiction Symposium featuring keynote speakers of national prominence, as well as thought leaders from a range of disciplines across the University of Missouri.

The University of Missouri will host The Science of Addiction Symposium Dec. 6 at the Bond Life Sciences Center to launch a broader collaboration among researchers and professionals focusing on addiction. A primary goal is to chart a path forward for addiction-related work at the university. Professor Jamie Arndt, chair of the Department of Psychological Sciences at MU, emailed Professor Denis McCarthy and Curators’ Professor of Psychological Sciences Kenneth J.

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