Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program

The Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program (URMP) aims to encourage and support undergraduate participation in faculty research in A&S departments. Administered by a faculty committee, the URMP is an opportunity for rising juniors to cooperate actively with faculty mentors, learning firsthand about the natural integration of research and teaching. All Arts and Science students with 50–75 hours of course work and at least a 3.25 GPA are eligible to apply for a mentorship for the summer term or the fall semester. Questions about eligibility should be addressed to Dean Tarkow.

The PDF information presents complete application for 2017–18 URMP projects.

The deadline for spring 2018 proposals is Friday, October 11, 2017; the deadline for summer 2018, fall 2018, and spring 2019 proposals is Friday, March 2, 2018.

Application and instructions (pdf)
URMP Brochure (pdf)

Also available is the Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.

Sample list of previous projects