Study-abroad Scholarships

Study abroad is consistently recognized as one of the most-significant components of an undergraduate experience, regardless of a student’s major. In order to make these experiences available to as many A&S students as possible, the College of Arts and Science has developed a robust study-abroad scholarship program. This program is central to the College of Arts and Science’s commitment to preparing its graduates for the global world in which we all live and work.

How long and when are the programs?

A&S study-abroad scholarships are available to A&S students who have been accepted into an A&S undergraduate degree major.  They may be applied to MU-sponsored summer, intersession, semester, and year-long study-abroad programs into which the student is accepted.

What is the value of the study abroad scholarships?

  • $6,500: maximum award for students enrolled in a semester or year-long program
  • $4,500: maximum award for students enrolled in 4+ credit summer programs
  • $,3500: maximum award for students enrolled in 1–3 credit summer or intersession programs.

All amounts to be awarded will reflect specific program budgets, available funds, and financial-need information received from the Office of Financial Aid. Students for whom there is no demonstrated evidence of financial need are eligible for support, but at lower amounts.

Who should apply?

  • Students applying for the A&S study-abroad scholarships must be enrolled in the College of Arts and Science and have declared, and been accepted into, an A&S major.
  • Students must have completed 60 hours and have 24 MU hours by the departure date of the program in which they expect to participate. Students with GPAs no lower than 2.75 are preferred.
  • Students must be accepted into and enrolled in an MU-sponsored study-abroad program.
  • Students who have financial need as verified by the Office of Financial Aid are given priority for consideration. Students with no evidence of financial need may receive financial support, but in lesser amounts.
  • Students must have no “holds” on MU accounts at the time a proposed study-abroad program begins. They must be in “good academic standing” in order to participate.

What is the application process and timeline?

2020 Application Deadlines

  • February 1:  Date by which applications for summer, fall, and academic-year programs must be completed and submitted.  FAFSA results (or a statement that the family will not submit a FAFSA) for the upcoming year will be required before the final amount of a scholarship is determined.
  • September 13:  Date by which applications for intersession 2021 and spring 2021 programs must be completed and submitted.  If available, FAFSA results from the preceding year will also be due then.

Application Materials

  • A&S study-abroad application, which must be completed and submitted electronically
  • 500-word essay outlining benefits of the specific program and its relevance to academic or career goals
  • Unofficial transcript/academic profile.
  • Letter of recommendation (to be e-mailed to no later than dates noted above) from a faculty member attesting to the applicant’s academic skills and goals, and the relevance of the specific study-abroad program to the student’s undergraduate graduation plan.
  • Budget for the program, including an indication of amount toward the costs that will be covered by the student or family.
  • Evidence of financial need: information about family need, as verified by the FAFSA process, is required; alternatively, a statement that the family will not submit a FAFSA may be submitted.
  • Application materials should be sent in one PDF or Word document to

Selection Process and Timetable

  • A&S Undergraduate Scholarship Committee reviews evidence of financial need, overall academic record (not just GPA), relationship of program to academic and/or career goals, and recommender’s assessment of student readiness and fitness of the proposed program.
  • Diversity of the student-applicant pool and balance across A&S departments is an important criterion
  • Preference is to be given to a program sponsored by an A&S department and/or facilitated by A&S faculty
  • Strong preference is assigned to proposals from students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Awards are credited to student accounts after appropriate MU offices have verified completion of all program enrollment requirements.


After returning to campus, recipients will be invited to share their experiences with various faculty, students, and alumni.