Mizzou is for You! High school students are invited to join the new online Miz4U program at the University of Missouri (MU) and become a Tiger.

The Miz4U program allows Missouri high school students the opportunity to earn MU credit hours online. Miz4U students explore and learn about behavioral science, mathematics, the humanities, and fine arts in MU courses that fulfill general education requirements and form the foundation of a successful college experience. The Miz4U courses are also part of--or are proposed to be part of--the Missouri Core 42 inventory of guaranteed college transfer courses.

Miz4U courses begin in September (2018) and conclude in May (2019) and are taught by experienced MU faculty members selected for their expertise, teaching skills, and commitment to student success. These online course sections cover the same material as those offered on the MU campus. However, these Miz4U sections are specially designed to meet the academic needs of high school students transitioning to college success. Students will learn online by writing, solving problems, and communicating with their instructor and fellow students. In addition to delving into the course material, students will learn about college success strategies.

Miz4U students are not required to visit the MU campus; however, our academic programs will welcome Miz4U students to Columbia on specially-designated days in the fall and spring to explore the campus and opportunities available at MU.

To afford students this new opportunity, all Miz4U students receive a scholarship that reduces tuition by 75% to $83.33 per credit hour for Miz4U courses. This means our three-credit hour Miz4U courses will have tuition of only $250.

To be eligible for the Miz4U program, students must be a Missouri resident with junior or senior status, have a recommendation from their principal or guidance counselor, and have at least a B-average in their high school coursework. A student is limited to two Miz4U courses per academic year.

Students can apply to the Miz4U program online at admissions.missouri.edu. When preparing the application be sure to select “Miz4U” to receive access to the special sections and reduced-rate tuition.

Miz4U Courses

The Miz4U courses were selected as those that fulfill general education requirements, are or are proposed to be part of the Missouri Core 42 inventory of guaranteed college transfer courses, and are taught by experienced faculty members committed to student success.

General Anthropology (ANTHRO 1000)

  • Anthropologists study how human life arouse, what the first human societies were like, and why there are similarities and differences across cultures. General Anthropology fulfills the behavioral science requirement for all students under the MU general education program and is under consideration for the Social & Behavioral Sciences and Civics inventory for Core 42.
  • Course Instructor Todd VanPool (PhD, University of New Mexico) studies the archaeology of southern New Mexico and has led excavations of pueblos in the region.

College Algebra (MATH 1100)

  • Algebra provides the mathematical foundation for many professions and careers. Under the MU general education program, College Algebra meets the mathematics requirement and is a prerequisite for required for the campus math reasoning proficiency requirement. College Algebra is also approved as Pre-Calculus Algebra (MOTR MATH 130) for Core 42.
  • Course Instructor Luiza DeSouza (M.S., Purdue) is MU’s Algebra Coordinator and has taught mathematics world-wide.

Introduction to Film (FILM_S 1000)

  • This course provides an introduction to basic concepts for film analysis and students learn through guided viewing of important and classic films. Introduction to Film fulfills the Humanities & Fine Arts requirement for all students under the MU general education program and is under consideration for the Humanities & Fine Arts inventory of Core 42.
  • In addition to teaching at MU, Course Instructor Ramsay Wise (PhD, University of Missouri) is an accomplished painter whose work has been displayed across Missouri.

Public Speaking (COMMUM 1200)

  • Students will learn the principles and processes of speech communication in small group and public speaking situations. Few skills are as essential to both societal and individual well-being as public speaking. Indeed, public speaking is one of the most important means we have of informing and persuading citizens, it is an important part of many careers, and it is an important part of many social events. Public Speaking fulfills the Humanities & Fine Arts requirement for all students under MU’s general education program and is also approved as Fundamentals of Public Speaking (MOTR COMM 110) for Core 42.
  • Course Instructor Cassandra Bird (PhD, University of Kansas) is the director of public speaking at the University of Missouri. In addition to teaching, she studies the public and media response to violence, with a specific focus on the rhetoric of mass shootings.

For more information on Miz4U, please contact program coordinator Dennis Miller at millerden@missouri.edu