Hands-On Learning

Learning Outside of the Classroom
The College of Arts and Science provides students multiple opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge outside a traditional classroom. We encourage students to participate in many learning arenas. Students, for example, who take advantage of internships, who study abroad, or who participate in research add value to their undergraduate degrees.

Take the time to look into any or all of these. While specific possibilities will vary every year, there will always be a range of opportunities for you to extend your learning outside the lecture hall or discussion room:

1. Internships add relevant experiences to almost every major: check out Internships

2. Community Service opportunities allow students to learn while assisting others: Spanish majors, for example, use their emerging language skills by assisting Boone County immigrant communities

3. Simulations provide excellent opportunities for learning particular matter! One excellent example: Statistics majors participate each year in Datafest

4. Numerous opportunities (and scholarships) for Arts and Science Global Experiences are available each year

5. Travel Within the United States: geography students will explore the plains and Rockies; digital storytelling majors will travel to New York CIty; religious studies majors and minors will explore a Benedictine monastery; and geology students will return, for the 107th year, to Camp Branson in Lander, Wyoming, in 2018

6. Work on significant Research projects under the guidance of a faculty member

7. Excavate: every year, A&S undergraduates learn archaeology by participating in excavations. This coming summer, for example, MU A&S students will join University of Michigan students at the ancient site of Pompeii

8. Participate in democracy

9. Student Leadership opportunities on campus and within the College of Arts and Science provide excellent opportunities for broadening your education: in addition to the Arts and Science Student Council and the A&S Student Ambassador Program, many departments have very active student organizations; for example, English and history