Speakers Bureau

The University of Missouri’s College of Arts and Science is the oldest and largest college at Mizzou, with more than 100 degree programs and certificates in a wide range of fields, including art, philosophy, biological sciences, music, history, chemistry, political science, economics, and English, to name just a few. The A&S Speakers Bureau showcases the range and relevance of the college’s research and academic programs.

What is a speakers bureau?

Created in partnership with MU Extension, the A&S Speakers Bureau highlights some of the faculty interested in giving public lectures about their research and teaching. Speakers are available to give presentations to groups and organizations throughout Missouri and surrounding areas. These lectures are all intended for the general public.

Who can use it?


Is there a fee?


What topics are offered?

Some examples include “The Chemistry of NASCAR,” “Hollywood and Politics,” “Neuroscience Research and Rehabilitation of the Brain and Body,” “Missouri in Photographs,” “Missouri Speech Patterns,” and “Walt Disney and American Culture.” These are just a few of the topics available.

How do I request a speaker?

Review the list of speakers/topics and then contact Amanda Cook at 573-884-4482 or CookAS@missouri.edu to check on speaker availability. You may also submit a request form here. Bookings are subject to availability.

Other details?

The organization and the speaker will work out how long the presentation should be. The speaker may request the host group to provide a projector and screen.

Speakersort descending Topics
Alex Socarides
Associate Professor
  • Nineteenth-century American Women Writers
  • Emily Dickinson
  • The Poems We Think We Know
Anand Prahlad
  • Folklore Traditions
Frances Dickey
Associate Professor
  • Missouri's most-famous poet, T.S. Eliot
Matt Gordon
  • Missouri Speech Patterns
  • American Dialects
Nancy West
  • Snapshot Photography
  • Missouri in Photographs
  • Missouri in Film
Museum of Art and Archaeology
Speakersort descending Topics
Alex Barker
  • Symbolism and Religion of Ancient Missourians
  • Archaeology and the Myth of the Moundbuilders
Psychological Sciences
Speakersort descending Topics
Amanda Rose
  • Promoting Girls' and Women's Success in the Workplace
Laura King
Curators' Distinguished Professor
  • Psychology of Happiness
  • Journaling for Health
Scott Frey
  • Neuroscience Research and Rehabilitation of the Brain and Body
Political Science
Speakersort descending Topics
Bill Horner
Teaching Professor
  • Media and Politics
  • Hollywood and Politics
L. Marvin Overby
  • 225th Anniversary of the Bill of Rights
  • Is Missouri a Southern State?
  • The "Great Migration" of Southerners to the North (and Its Impact on National Politics)
Dean of Arts and Science
Speakersort descending Topics
Brendon Steenbergen
Director of Development
  • Mizzou Sports Through the Ages: An Illustrated Timeline of University of Missouri Athletics
Geological Sciences
Speakersort descending Topics
Eric Sandvol
  • Induced Earthquakes and Waste Water Injection
  • The New Madrid Seismic Zone and Why It Is so Odd
  • How Mountains Form
  • Earthquakes and Explosions: Monitoring Nuclear Weapons Testing
Speakersort descending Topics
Heather Carver
Professor and Chair
  • Telling One’s Story/Autobiography and Health Issues 
  • Bess Truman’s “Independence” as a First Lady
Speakersort descending Topics
Jay Sexton
  • The Global Legacy of Abraham Lincoln
  • American Constitutional Democracy in the World
Steve Watts
  • Walt Disney and American Culture
  • John F. Kennedy and the Masculine Mystique
Speakersort descending Topics
Libby Cowgill
Assistant Professor
  • Lives and Evolution of Neanderthals
Physics and Astronomy
Speakersort descending Topics
Linda Godwin
  • NASA and Space Flight
Art History
Speakersort descending Topics
Michael Yonan
Associate Professor
  • Museums in Missouri: From the Well Known to the Surprising
Speakersort descending Topics
Mitchell McKinney
  • Political Campaign Debates: Planning Candidate Forums in the Local Community
  • Engaging Citizens in the Civic and Political Process
  • Engaging Young Citizens in the Civic and Political Process
  • Understanding Millennials and Social Media

No specific Missouri topics, but if a local community or civic organization would be interested in planning candidate forums or debates, I could do a workshop/presentation on that topic.

Religious Studies
Speakersort descending Topics
Nate Hofer
Assistant Professor
  • Islam
Speakersort descending Topics
Neil Minturn
Associate Professor
  • Playing with Meter in Jazz and Rock
  • Bach's Musical Offering: Mind Bending Contrapuntal Craft
Speakersort descending Topics
Sheila Baker
Assistant Professor
  • The Science of Wine and its History in Missouri
  • How Chemistry at Mizzou Impacts your Life
  • Science in Everyday Life
  • Learning Science Through Photography, What Do They Have in Common?
Steve Keller
Associate Professor
  • The Chemistry of Climate Change 
  • The Chemistry of NASCAR
Speakersort descending Topics
Soren Larsen
Associate Professor
  • Sense of Place and Place Identity in Rural Communities