The James S. Rollins Slavery Atonement Endowment

Scholarship Category: 
Undergraduate scholarship, Graduate scholarship
Black Studies

In 2007, descendants of James S. Rollins, known by the honorary title “Pater Universitatis Missouriensis” (Father of the University of Missouri), created the endowment to support research including, but not limited to “slavery, race relations, civil rights, or African American culture, as these subjects pertain to the African American experience.” Students at the University of Missouri, across departments and disciplines, are eligible for an award from the Rollins Slavery Atonement Endowment. Original research (e.g., based on primary sources or human subjects data) leading to the presentation or publication of findings will receive preference.

Applicants must complete the application form and provide the following:

  1. Two-page abbreviated curriculum vitae
  2. 500–750 word research proposal with a timeline for completion of the project
  3. Bibliography/references
  4. Budget with justification
  5. Letter of recommendation from person familiar with the research agenda.