Probation and Dismissal

Academic Standing (Probation and Dismissal)
Arts and Science probation and dismissal information in the MU Catalog

I was dismissed, what do I do now?

Meeting with your academic advisor is the best resource to discuss what options you have regarding your academic plans.  You can find you academic advisor in myZou and in your Success Network in MU Connect.

Students who believe there are grounds for immediate reversal of their dismissal have the right to appeal this decision.  Be prepared to answer questions regarding an explanation of why you earned less than satisfactory grades, specific steps you have taken to correct your grades, a plan for improvement in future semesters, and any relevant documentation to support your appeal.  Be aware of deadlines to submit appeals for each semester.

How do I submit a dismissal appeal?

Students should carefully read these instructions before submitting their appeal.

Deadlines for appeals – Fall 2020:
July 10, 2020 (students notified by July 17)
August 12, 2020 (students notified by August 17)

Can I be dismissed without being placed on probation first?

Yes. If your GPA for any given semester falls below a 1.0 term GPA you are subject to dismissal.

Does probation show on my official transcript?

MU does not place probation status on official transcripts or diplomas. Probation will appear on your Student Academic Profile, which is used only for advising purposes.

Can I graduate while on probation?

Yes. It is possible to graduate while on probation if all degree requirements including all GPA requirements are met (2.0 GPA in last 60 hours, last 30 hours, cumulative GPA, major, and minor). 

Is there a probation hold placed on my myZou account?

Students who are on probation or final probation will have a hold that blocks registration. This hold will be lifted once students complete the required next step which may include an advisor meeting or completing an academic probation tutorial. These interventions are in place to help students be placed back in good academic standing.

How do I remove probation?

To remove probation, you must raise your Mizzou cumulative and term GPA to a 2.0.

Steps to Success Probation Program

Steps to Success Probation Program

This information explains probationary policies in the College of Arts & Science as well as resources offered by the MU campus that can help any student be more academically successful. Please check with the Arts & Science Advising Support Services office in 107 Lowry Hall (573-882-6411) for any additional questions.