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The College of Arts and Science Student Council has presented its autumn/fall 2018 Chalk Awards to an economics professor, a faculty adviser, and a student teaching assistant in recognition of their excellence as instructors and advisers. The student council solicits nominations from students for their favorite instructors and advisers, and the council’s executive committee makes the final selections. The student council reviewed a number of nominations, and members had a chance to learn the high regard that students have for their teachers, teaching assistants, and advisers.

George Chikhladze

Purple Chalk Award

This award recognizes excellence in a faculty member. This fall the student council selected Associate Teaching Professor George Chikhladze of the Department of Economics to receive the honor. Chikhladze earned his BA in economics, his masters’ degrees in mathematics and economics, and his PhD in economics all from Mizzou. His research interests include industrial organization, regulation, and microeconomic theory.

“I’m deeply honored to be chosen among so many excellent and distinguished teachers at Mizzou,” Chikhladze says. “Knowing that I made an impact on students’ academic and nonacademic lives is a great feeling and a motivator. Being a Mizzou alumnus, many current and former faculty members had a lasting impression on me of what a good educator and teacher should be. Today I try to pass their enthusiasm and dedication to my students.”

Kevin Hooshmand

Green Chalk Award

The Green Chalk Award is given in recognition of a student teaching assistant’s excellence, and A&S students chose Kevin Hooshmand, a teaching assistant in the Division of Biological Sciences for the honor. 

“This award means so much to me,” Hooshmand says. “I believe that an education is the most liberating thing someone can receive. Education at its finest is a transaction. And as much as I feel honored to win this award, I know that this process is a two-way street, and I am continuously learning and improving through contact with students and their efforts. The fact that students nominate recipients of this award highlights MU student interest in the educational process. I consider myself very lucky to be able to participate in helping some students, but my efforts are an attempt to emulate what so many influential people have generously done for me. My receiving this award is only a reflection of my incredible family, friends, and the amazing professors I have been so fortunate to learn from at Mizzou. This award, and the way I approach teaching, are born out of the culture of this wonderful university.”

Alex Anderson

Blue Chalk Award

Alex Anderson, an academic adviser at the Student Success Center, continues to impress students at Mizzou, winning his second chalk award in two years. This fall, Anderson is the recipient of the Blue Chalk Award, which honors excellence in academic advising.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to win the Blue Chalk Award this year,” Anderson says. “I have the distinct pleasure of working with students across three disciplines (communication, sociology, and theatre) who best exemplify the power and depth of a liberal arts degree. These interactions provide me with a greater understanding of what our students are experiencing in their lives, both in and outside of the classroom. Working with students from the time they first come to MU for Summer Welcome to the moment they walk across the stage at commencement is rewarding enough. But, being recognized for the small role I play in helping students through this journey is humbling and serves as motivation to continue to improve.”

Each of the winners will be invited to the Arts and Science Week Banquet February 22, 2019, where they again will be acknowledged for their awards. Congratulations to each of the winners, and thank you for your service to the College of Arts and Science.

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