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The College of Arts and Science Student Council honored two professors and an academic adviser with Chalk Awards for the fall 2017 semester. The student council solicits nominations from students for their favorite instructors and advisers, and the council’s executive committee makes the final selections. The student council will present plaques to the latest Chalk Award winners during its trivia night contest in Stotler Lounge in Memorial Union, Nov. 16.

Purple Chalk Award

Eric Parsons

The A&S Student Council recognizes excellence in a faculty member by selecting that faculty member for the Purple Chalk Award. This fall the student council selected Assistant Research Professor Eric Parsons of the Department of Economics to receive the honor. Parsons’ research focuses on the economics of education and labor economics.

“It is truly an honor to win the Purple Chalk Teaching Award,” Parsons says. “As a former Mizzou student myself, I know firsthand the quality of instruction on campus, making the award even more meaningful. I feel quite fortunate to be in a position to have a positive impact on the next generation of Mizzou students and repay some of the many benefits that I have received from the university. I want to send a huge thank you to all of my teaching role models and mentors, both at Mizzou and from my early days as a college instructor at MCC–Blue River in Independence, Missouri. Most of all, though, I want to thank my students, whose enthusiasm, curiosity, and desire to learn make teaching so enjoyable and worthwhile.”

Green Chalk Award

Troy Hall

The Green Chalk Award is given in recognition of a graduate instructor’s excellence, and this fall A&S students chose graduate teaching assistant Troy Hall in the Department of Philosophy to receive the award. Hall’s research areas include aesthetics, ethics, and the history of philosophy.

“The Green Chalk award means a lot to me for several reasons,” Hall says. “Any time that the art and craft of teaching is supported, encouraged, or validated in any way, is a moment to celebrate. I am passionate about teaching, and the fact that so many of my students nominated me for this award is rewarding by itself.  As a philosopher, I regard teaching as the most important thing I do, even if the profession often emphasizes research. At the same time, I am very happy the award went to a philosopher…we started the whole idea of higher education, didn’t we?”

Blue Chalk Award

Brittony Corneillier

Brittony Corneillier, an adviser in the Division of Biological Sciences, is the recipient of the Blue Chalk Award, which honors excellence in academic advising.

“Receiving the Blue Chalk Award is an incredible honor,” Corneillier says. “Each and every student that I work with inspires and challenges me to learn more. My favorite part of my job is being that trusted resource for students or even just someone who can be there to listen. This award gives me the confidence that I am in the right profession. Being a Mizzou Arts and Science graduate myself, I know that the advisers and staff truly care about their students and their success, and I am grateful to be part of this amazing college.”

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