A&S Student Council Announces Chalk Awards

Jordan Yount
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College of Arts & Science

The College of Arts and Science Student Council has honored an instructor, an adviser, and a graduate teaching assistant with chalk awards for demonstrating a commitment to student success. Anne-Marie Foley, director of the Office of Service Learning, received the Purple Chalk Teaching Award for excellence as an instructor. Jenny Morton, director of undergraduate advising and curriculum in the Department of History, received the Blue Chalk Advising Award for excellence in advising, and graduate teaching assistant Boaz Bett was honored with the Green Chalk Teaching Award.

Anne-Marie Foley

Foley says the award is meaningful to her because it comes from students. As director of the Office of Service Learning, Foley says she works with about 4,500 students each year, but she says what keeps her energized is her daily interaction with students in the classroom. “It gives me my purpose in life,” she says. Foley enrolled at MU as a graduate student in 1983 and is preparing to celebrate her 33rd year teaching on campus, where she teaches literature, leadership and service-learning courses. Service-Learning is the formal integration of community service into student instruction, connecting students with the community in partnerships that provide effective and far-reaching assistance to those in need.

Jenny Morton's awards

Morton says as an academic adviser on campus, her days are all about the students, and that’s the way she likes it. “No matter what kind of mood I’m in when I get to work, my first student appointment almost always reminds me of why I’m one of the lucky ones,” Morton says. She earned her BSW at MU in 1979 and her MEd in counseling and personnel services from MU in 1981. Morton started working at MU in 1988 as the director of undergraduate counseling in the psychology department prior to joining the history department. She says it is an honor to receive the Blue Chalk award because it is an award that is student nominated. “If I can be even a small part of a student’s success here at the university, then I know I’m doing what I was meant to do,” she says. “I very much appreciate the recognition.”

Boaz Bett

Boaz Bett, recipient of the Green Chalk award for best graduate teaching assistant, is a second-year graduate student working on his master’s degree in natural resources. Bett, originally from Kenya, earned his undergraduate degree at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and plans to pursue a doctorate in natural resources at MU after completing his master’s. The A&S Student Council awarded Bett the Green Chalk award for teaching organic chemistry. Bett says he enjoys interacting with students because each student has a unique personality. He says winning the award is a confirmation of what he thought he would be in the future. “My professors during my undergraduate years made me promise that I was going to teach in the future,” Bett says. “I told them I wasn’t sure, but this is confirmation that what they told me is correct.”

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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