Shi-Jie Chen Named AAAS Fellow

Curators' Professor Shi-Jie Chen

Curators' Professor Shi-Jie Chen

Jordan Yount
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College of Arts & Science
Physics and Astronomy

Curators' Professor Shi-Jie Chen of the MU Department of Physics and Astronomy has been named a 2018 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Chen’s research interests include theoretical and computational modeling of RNA structure and function; physics-based modeling of biomolecular folding and interaction, including folding dynamics and ion electrostatic effects; RNA structure prediction; RNA-based therapeutic design; and RNA nanotechnology. Working with post-doctoral and doctoral students, Chen uses theoretical and computational biophysics to study ribonucleic acid (RNA) — a polymer that plays a critical role in transporting genetic material around in a cell.

In October 2018, the Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science elected 416 members as Fellows of AAAS. These individuals will be recognized for their contributions to science and technology at the Fellows Forum to be held on 16 February 2019 during the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

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