Prof. David Setzer Earns Advising Shout Out Award

Professor David Setzer
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College of Arts & Science
Biological Sciences

David Setzer, a professor of biological sciences in the College of Arts & Science, was named the Advisors Forum Advising Shout Out Award winner for February. The Shout Out Award is awarded twice a semester and recognizes undergraduate advisers for the impact they make on students’ lives.

“I enjoy the personal interactions with students—having a chance to learn about their own life stories, goals, and, occasionally, struggles,” Setzer said. ”I think everyone, including college students, has an interesting story to tell, and are generally happy to tell it to a good listener. I try to be that listener.”

The student who nominated Prof. Setzer said he “has enlightened me to continue to learn and take challenges with a bright, positive mind. With every complication I encounter or any opinion I need, he advises me with encouraging words and life examples that help pave my way.”

The student added that Setzer “has truly inspired me to think in a total new perspective and has positively influenced me to always work hard.”

“The most meaningful thing to me about this particular award is the nominating student’s thoughtful expression of how much our interactions have meant to her,” Setzer said.

There were 13 advisers nominated for the February Shout Out Award. Winners receive a gift card and are recognized at the Advising Forum meeting. They also sign the traveling Advising Shout Out megaphone, which is kept in their office until the next award is presented.

“In a large university like MU, interacting with an involved faculty adviser is one way a student can make a meaningful connection with a more senior scholar or role model who can play an important role throughout the student’s academic and professional life and beyond,” Setzer said. “Making those long-term connections can be one of the most important parts of a student’s undergraduate experience.”

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