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Dudley McCarter
Jordan Yount
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Dudley McCarter, JD ’75, is wrapping up what he calls the most exciting year of his life. Today is his last day serving as president of the Mizzou Alumni Association (MAA).

“Here’s what made it special,” McCarter says, “every day I could get up and say to myself, ‘I can do something for Mizzou today—I can do something for the university I love.’”

McCarter did quite a bit for the university he loves during the past year. According to the alumni association website, alumni participation was at one of its highest levels in association history. It also was a record year for philanthropy, with the MAA providing $512,000 in scholarships and raising $136,348 for the Mizzou Traditions Fund.

“Well, I’m not taking any credit for that,” McCarter says. “Todd McCubbin, our executive director, put together such a great staff at the alumni association office, and the association is doing more and more each year for alumni activities.”

When pressed, however, McCarter did claim credit for an outreach effort he initiated.

“I have a card that says ‘President of the Mizzou Alumni Association,’ and when I saw a car with a Mizzou license plate or a Mizzou bumper sticker, I would take my card and write on the back, ‘Thank you for supporting Mizzou’ and stick it on the car,” McCarter says. “Quite often I would get a phone call or an email from someone saying they got my card, and I would use that phone call or email to ask them if they were dues-paying members of the alumni association. If not, I would encourage them to become one, and if they were, I would encourage them to go up to a life member or to buy a brick on Traditions Plaza.”

McCarter and his wife, Beth, are both attorneys, but Beth is the one who earned her undergraduate degree at MU, graduating from the Department of Political Science and the Honors College in 1984. McCarter says his interest in playing college football prevented him from being able to attend MU as an undergrad.

“Legendary football coach Dan Devine had no interest in a 5'10", 165-pound, very slow offensive lineman, so I never received nor expected an offer from Mizzou,” McCarter says. “I went to Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and when I finished playing football on Saturdays I would rush back to the fraternity house to see what the MU football score was. I followed MU closely even though I did not go there for my undergrad.” McCarter earned his BA in political science from Knox College before applying to the MU School of Law.

As president of the MAA, McCarter says he tried to be the alumni representative at every event he attended, including the 175th anniversary celebrations last fall, Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin’s inauguration, the Homecoming parade, and nearly all Mizzou football games.

“My wife will tell you I was at Mizzou more than I was at home,” McCarter says. “I don’t think that’s true, but I really got a kick out of everything I did.”

Sherri Gallick, BS Ed ’82, becomes the new president of the MAA July 1.

Although he is retiring as president of the MAA, McCarter plans to stay heavily involved with the university. As past president, he will serve on the MAA governing board for a year, and he serves on a chancellor’s committee and is a trustee of the law school foundation. And you are likely to see Dudley and Beth McCarter at most MU football games, cheering on the Tigers and supporting the university they both love.

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