Pat Kelley Named MU’s Service Champion

Pat Kelley
Jordan Yount
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College of Arts & Science

Each month, the MU Staff Advisory Council brings recognition to an outstanding staff member by selecting a nominee as the MU Service Champion – someone who goes above and beyond what is expected and performs his or her daily duties with an outstanding work ethic and attitude. 

In May, the Staff Advisory Council selected Pat Kelley, the administrative assistant for the Department of Classical Studies, as the MU Service Champion.  Department Chair David Schenker says Kelley is the only administrative assistant and has to do everything from budget and payroll, to class scheduling, to event planning, to office decorating, and much more.

“All that she does allows the department to function more efficiently and at a higher level,” Schenker wrote when he nominated Kelley for the award. “Pat aims not just to get the job done, but to get it done well.”

Schenker notes that Kelley happily takes on extra departmental duties, including those in the evenings and on weekends, helps at department parties, attends talks and gatherings and has made a point of learning not only about her job but also about the material the department is teaching and the research interests of faculty.

The Staff Advisory Council award is presented to an MU employee who reflects the university’s four core values: respect for self and others as the foundation of honor, integrity, ethical behavior and the search for truth; responsibility to reflect one’s moral obligation and to be accountable to self and others for action taken; discovery in order to gain greater understanding and wisdom; and excellence, both individual and collective, in pursuit of the highest goals.

When he nominated Kelley last month, Schenker added a note to the bottom of the nominating form. “Pat brings a joy to her work that is infectious and brings out the best in those around her,” he wrote. “She has a sharp wit and a wonderful sense of humor. She is eminently compassionate to all and demands (by her example) that all around her strive for kindness and thoughtfulness.”

Kelley is nearing the end of her first year as the administrative assistant in the Department of Classical Studies. She clearly has made an impression on her colleagues.

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