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Red Socks and the Guitar
The view of the Chartres Cathedral out the monastery dining hall window
Kristi Galloway
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This summer, MU undergraduate and graduate classical guitarists will have the opportunity to study abroad in Chartres, France, from July 22 through Aug. 5. The unique study-abroad program is sponsored by the University of Missouri International Center and the School of Music.

The two-week European seminar is called Red Socks and the Guitar. As the name implies, the students will wear red socks or scarves with their formal black tuxedos and gowns during several international performances. Anthony Glise, adjunct professor and Red Socks program director, says, “It’s a way to let people know that while we’re playing classic music wearing tuxedos, we’re also having fun with it.”

In addition to the planned performances, students will also enjoy an intense schedule activities. There will be private daily lessons, ensemble rehearsal, French culture and language lessons, and special music courses on topics such as jazz improvisation. The students will also have the opportunity to go on several outings, including two days in Paris and a day trip to the castle region of the Loire Valley.

The students will stay in a beautiful modern monastery in Chartres. The area is a major destination for musicians, artists, and historians because of its prime location between Paris and the Loire Valley. Students will enjoy the city’s charm, history, and culture during their free time. 

This opportunity will be enlightening for students because they will be able to immerse themselves in European culture and also enjoy meaningful relationships with other students and mentors. “As soloists, we can sometimes be isolationist,” says Glise. “It will be beneficial for the students to interact and learn from other talented musicians.”

Early acceptance for this year’s program will occur Dec. 19, 2014. Glise hopes that Red Socks will become an annual tradition. Interested students may contact the MU International Studies Program at (573) 882-6007 or visit the website for more information.

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