MU Expert Available for Media Commentary on Republican Presidential Primary Debate

Mitchell S. McKinney, professor and chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Missouri, is an internationally recognized scholar of presidential debates.
Jeff Sossamon
News Source: 
MU News Bureau

On Thursday, August 6, the first Republican presidential primary debate will take place in Cleveland, Ohio and broadcast nationally by Fox News. This debate will offer the candidates their first opportunity before a national audience, and voters their first chance to assess the Republican candidates side by side as they seek their party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Mitchell S. McKinney, noted professor of political communication at the University of Missouri, is a nationally and internationally recognized scholar of presidential debates whose work in analyzing candidate debates has taken him across the country and the world. McKinney is also Director of the Political Communication Institute at MU.

McKinney’s research has focused particular attention on presidential primary debates, with his analysis indicating that a candidate’s debate performance at this formative stage of the campaign can greatly enhance – or hinder – one’s ability to emerge as the eventual nominee. His research concluded candidates approach their primary debate performances much differently than candidates engaged in general-election debates, and viewers actually find these early debate encounters much more useful than those presidential debates that occur toward the end of a long campaign.

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