Mizzou Model UN Team Wins Best Delegation Award

Representatives of the Mizzou Model UN team

Representatives of the MU Model UN Team: Front: Katie Finnerty and Ale Vargas; back: Cara Wagner, Lane Cargile, Jake Thompson, Miki Hodel, Ethan Anderson, and Jake Hager. Not shown: Nate Heath and Kylie Hinz.

Political Science

The University of Missouri’s Model UN team earned the "Overall Best Delegation" award for the first time in the program’s history during the annual American Model United Nations (AMUN) conference. The winning 10-member student team traveled to Chicago to represent Sweden this year. They pair off into teams of two, each with a council and agenda they represent. The entire 10-member team earned the overall award.

William Horner, Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science and director of undergraduate studies in the department, spoke about the students and their remarkable accomplishment.

“First, let me say that I am excited that such talented students want to participate in an activity such as Model UN. It is a great chance to take the skills they learned in the classroom and apply them to a different situation. It requires excellent communication, teamwork, and factual knowledge. I am very proud of these students and their efforts.”

Why is the team’s win such a noteworthy achievement? 
“Many schools have Model UN teams, but most teams are part of a class.  Our team is a student-run organization. They work very hard, in their free time, to prepare for competition.  It is very unusual for a student-run team to win a major competition like AMUN.”

What are you most proud of?  
“I am proud of their dedication, their talent, and their hard work.  These are very bright, accomplished students who bring their remarkable talents to Model UN.”

What would you want the team members’ families, friends, and community to know about their work as members of the Model UN team?
“I want everyone to know how hard these students work and how well that hard work pays off. They should be very proud of these talented, accomplished, hardworking students.”

This was the 29th year of the AMUN, which has about 97 schools and universities represented each year.

The team members: Katie Finnerty, Ale Vargas, Cara Wagner, Lane Cargile, Jake Thompson, Miki Hodel, Ethan Anderson, Jake Hager, Nate Heath, and Kylie Hinz.


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