A&S Launches Student Ambassador Leadership Program

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College of Arts & Science Student Ambassadors

Back - Stacie Davis, Ethan Tyrrell, Chris Verbrugge, Connor Dakich, Abe Drury, Marcelese Cooper, Darian Doser

Front - Amira Harmon, Mackenzie Prewitt, Kate Turmo, Morgan Magid, Madison Wright, Sabrina Heffern, Emily Abbene, Yasmeen Taranissi, Mikhayla White

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College of Arts & Science

Sixteen students who have declared Arts and Science (A&S) majors make up the inaugural class of the college’s new Student Ambassador Leadership Program. These students will represent the college and the A&S student body and student experience at admission, recruiting, donor, and other major events hosted by the college, such as its Beyond Campus events in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Mackenzie Ewing, an A&S academic adviser with Academic Exploration & Advising Services, says the 16 ambassadors represent a great cross-section of the A&S student body.

“When reviewing applicants we were looking for representation from multiple majors, backgrounds and interests because we have such a large population in A&S, and we want to represent as many as we can,” she says. Ewing says she also looked for students who were passionate about the college and excited about becoming an ambassador. “That was a really big piece for me, so that when they meet with prospective students, those students will see that passion and be excited to be an A &S major at Mizzou. And when the ambassadors meet with alumni, the alumni will remember, ‘Oh, that’s how I felt when I was a student at Mizzou.’”

Developing Leadership Skills

Students selected for this leadership program will be provided leadership training, professional development experiences, and networking opportunities with alumni and prospective students. As part of the program, ambassadors are required to work three events that are held in the evening and on weekends per semester. Ewing says each ambassador also will be required to participate in a “Tiger Hour” each week, in which they will write letters to alumni and prospective students whom they have met with previously.

“We think this program is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, which will complement their Arts and Science degrees,” says Arts and Science Dean Patricia Okker. “It also allows the college to introduce some of our best and brightest students to prospective students and alumni at the variety of events the college hosts each semester, both on campus and across the state.”

Ewing says the main focus this semester is developing the program and recruiting students to become ambassadors next semester. All faculty, staff, and students in the College of Arts and Science are encouraged to nominate a student to become a student ambassador. 

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