Heather Carver: A Decade of Laughing at Cancer

Heather Carver
Dory Colbert
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College of Arts & Science

A trilogy of one-woman plays, which started with a devastating diagnosis, led Dr. Heather Carver to understand the power of humor in supporting health.

Booby Hatch, a Hysterical Musicale premieres on March 2, 2016 at the Corner Playhouse, on the MU campus, in Columbia, MO. It is the third in a comedic, autobiographical trilogy about Carver’s experiences as a breast cancer patient and survivor of over ten years. 

Diagnosed at age 37, the mother of two young daughters, Dr. Carver turned to writing to help process the grief and fear that accompanies such terrible news. Her long journey through treatment, surgery, relapse and recovery provided the raw material for her plays. Donning the clown’s persona, Carver’s musings are thoughtful, funny and ironic as she relates the insights, situations and relationships cancer brought to her life.     

Author of two books and several journal articles, Carver's research on women's health and performance started years before her diagnosis. Since then she has also written interactive plays, which have toured across the U.S., about women's experiences as breast cancer patients. Carver’s earlier solo plays are Booby Prize and Booby Trap.

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