Experts: Four strategies for combatting food insecurity during COVID-19

Debbie Dougherty, A&S Communication Professor, Gives Advice on How to Talk About This Challenging Topic
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Eric Stann
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MU News Bureau

As COVID-19 continues to ravage the economy, more people than ever before could be faced with the prospect of going hungry. They could be dealing with a sudden loss of income, a sick caregiver or an inability to stock up on food. Others might have relied on school lunch programs to help feed their children or live in food deserts or communities with grocery shortages. Still others might be in a high risk group warned against shopping for themselves. So, what can individuals do to help, even for people who aren’t comfortable admitting they’re hungry or need food?

A group of communication researchers with expertise in food insecurity and social class offers four tips for how to talk with those facing food insecurity during a crisis: Debbie S. Dougherty at the University of Missouri; Megan Schraedley at West Chester University; Tim Huffman at Saint Louis University; and Angela Gist-Mackey at the University of Kansas.

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