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Senior Associate Dean Cooper Drury
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College of Arts and Science Senior Associate Dean Cooper Drury, a professor of political science, has been named the Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) Distinguished Scholar of 2019 by the International Studies Association (ISA). The award was presented to Drury at the ISA’s annual conference, held in Toronto in March. ISA, founded in 1959, has over 6,500 members worldwide and is the most respected and widely known scholarly association dedicated to international studies.

Honoring a Body of Work

Drury says the award is in recognition of his body of work as a scholar of international studies.

“The joke was—this is the old man award,” Drury says. “My friends in Jesse Hall said, ‘You realize you will never get another award because you’re in administration.’ I told that story during the panel discussion in Toronto and said, ‘That’s okay because this award is the one that really matters to me.”

Drury was editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy Analysis, a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Oxford University Press on behalf of ISA, from 2009 to 2015. The journal covers the process, effects, causes, and outputs of foreign policy decision making in both comparative and case-specific manners.

“The focus of the journal is not on ideologies or events but people—actors,” Drury says. “I think the key is that ultimately some human is responsible for action.”     

Susan Allen of the University of Mississippi, president of the Foreign Policy Analysis section, presents the FPA Distinguished Scholar of 2019 award to Senior Associate Dean Cooper Drury in Toronoto.

Peer Recognition

Mark Boyer, executive director of the ISA and a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor at the University of Connecticut, says the FPA Distinguished Scholar award is based on an exemplary record of scholarship in a particular field of study such as foreign policy analysis, security studies, feminist theory, and others.

“Clearly, Cooper’s record on economic sanctions and a variety of topics in that area meet the criteria for the award,” Boyer says. “Usually it’s someone who is relatively senior in the field, has been around a while and is well known on a variety of indicators—everything from being a good mentor to having an exemplary publication record to doing a lot of work for ISA or a particular section. If you look at Cooper’s curriculum vitae, he has a very long record of work on economic sanctions. That’s really been the heart of his research since his dissertation and his grad school days, and that’s what he is known for.”

panel discussion at ISA conference in Toronto

Senior Associate Dean Cooper Drury (center) with colleagues at one of the panel discussions at the International Studies Association conference in Toronto.

Collaboration is Key

Drury earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Michigan State University (1990, 1992) and his doctorate from Arizona State University in 1997. His primary research and teaching interests focus on foreign policy, specifically the causes, outcomes, and consequences of economic sanctions. He has written or co-written two books, a textbook, and more than two dozen articles and chapters and has trained more than 20 doctoral students at the University of Missouri. Drury and two co-authors, political science professors Jim Scott and Ralph Carter of Texas Christian University, are about to start work on the fourth edition of their textbook, IR: International, Economic, and Human Security in a Changing World. The third edition of the textbook won the 2019 Textbook Excellence Award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association.

While drafting his comments for the ISA conference in Toronto, Drury says one thought rose to the top.

“My thought is if you want to have an impact, you must collaborate with others,” he says. “Working with other people is how we can have a big and positive impact.”

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