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Team Spends Long Days Training for Pan-American Championship
Ciprian Comsa Practices for the Pan-American Chess Championship courtesy Tyler Messner/Missourian
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Mizzou's Chess Team will travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to compete in the Pan-American Chess Championship that takes place Dec. 27-30. Teams from across the U.S. and Canada will be competing in what is knows as one of the most important competitions in the sport.

Cristian Chirila, the team's head coach, said the MU chess team will start the competition as sixth-favorite based on team rankings, but he has high hopes to finish first.

To prepare, Chirila said the team has spent at least a week training at least eight hours a day, covering each stage of the game, tactical vision and strategies.

The Columbia Missourian recently pubished an article on the team, their training and vision. Follow the link to read more!

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